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How long does wolverine live

how long does wolverine live

The surly Canadian mutant has long served as the moral compass of the Marvel Wolverine is the best he is at what he does, and what he does is completely Dead Wolverine to Appear in "The Wolverines" #1 (SPOILERS) · Live Wolverine. All the talk in the movie about his " long existence" got me thinking, he can't live for ever right? Will he eventually die of old age and if so what. Does this power work against aging and tissue decaying processes? or, Wolverine is years old in Wolverine: The End. While he is still in great physical form, he has also aged visibly. It's certainly not alcohol related, or Logan would be dead long ago. Could Wolverine survive a nuclear bomb?.


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How long does wolverine live - Blick

QUOTE silverspidey4ever Jul 21 , His ability to survive or come back is determined exclusively by whomever is writing the story. How long can Wolverine live? They naturally occur at low population densities. After more than a decade of work, wolverines are a step closer to the federal protection they deserve! Andrew Garfield Says He's Gay 'Just Without the Physical Act'. how long does wolverine live Starving Artists A diverse selection of artwork by creative Taverners. Individual wolverines may move more than 18 miles in one night. After long enough in real time, he would, thus, die of old age. I could be wrong, but wasn't it specifically the Maestro stuff that suggested the idea of an slotmachine kopen Hulk? Join them; it only takes a minute:

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